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Interviews with me and selected media coverage of my work

Reality TV:

Commuter Spouses:

Artistic Careers:

  • “Like Pretty Much Every Industry, Music Has a Huge Gender Wage Gap…,” The Washington Post (7.13.18)
  • “The Mistake of Seeing only Some Jobs as Creative,” Quartz (10.31.17)
  • “Teaching Newsletter: How Useful Is Creativity?” Chronicle of Higher Education (10.12.17)
  • “The Gender Wage Gap in the Arts,” National Public Radio’s Morning Edition (12.7.16)
  • “A Field Where Working Moms Aren’t Punished,” The Atlantic (7.33.16)
  • “Women in the Arts Get Paid Less Too,” Pacific Standard (11.15.16)

Earned Sick Days in the Workplace:

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