My Teaching

I have taught courses focusing on sexuality, gender, the family, social “deviance,” reality television, and research methods as well as giving lectures on topics of broader sociological concern, such as research ethics.  I have had experience working with an array of students, including undergraduates at Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-New Brunswick, undergraduates at Columbia University and Lehigh University, and professionals enrolled in continuing education courses at Columbia University.  In 2008, I was a recipient of Columbia University’s Summer Teaching Award.

My teaching philosophy is rooted in the idea of the learner-centered classroom.  I place a premium on in-class participation and, in seminar, require students to present and lead discussions about each day’s material.  This helps them to understand what it means to ask a sociological question and to be able to interrogate the methodological and theoretical soundness of particular texts on their own.  Largely due to my own strong writing background, I am also particularly passionate about teaching students to express themselves clearly and effectively on the page.

Examples of My Syllabi:

Sociology of Reality TV (freshman seminar)

Sociology of Reality TV (100-level course)

Development of Social Theory (undergraduate course)

Classical Social Theory (graduate seminar)

Introduction to Sociology

Sociology of the Family (writing intensive [“W.I.”] class)

“Bad Girls”: Gender, Sexuality, Deviance

Social Deviance and Social Control

Human Sexuality

Research Methods

Introduction to the Sociology of Sexuality

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